The Red Bayou Show episode 77

March 29, 2017

Political consultant and strategist Lionel Rainey joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane to talk about a variety of issues within the world of politics. The guys start by talking about Rainey's most recent race where he helped attorneyJohn Stefanski of Crowley get elected to the state house in District 42. The guys ask if that race could be a foreshadowing of the pulse of Louisiana when it comes to any new proposed taxes from the Governor. They also talked about his work with John Kennedy's Senate race, but the real discussion starts when they dive into the nuts and bolts of political races in general. 

Lionel "pulls back the curtain" in answering questions about how much you "handle" a candidate. He takes a deep dive into the struggles of getting candidates to stay on message. He covers how you make sure your candidate is accurately represented in the media as well as a few other gems and nuggets from a first person perspective of running campaigns on different levels.

Since Lionel was the voice of the St. George movement, the guys spend a little time discussing the current state of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish. Lionel shares his thoughts on what has improved, what has regressed, and what needs to be done in order for Baton Rouge to remain vibrant.

Before letting Rainey go, Brian asks him how an Alabama transplant finds himself engulfed in Louisiana politics. Lionel shares his story of the struggles it takes to break through and the rewards of working with the people of this state.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 76

March 16, 2017

This week, the guys talk healthcare and basketball. Joe Cunningham from and The Hayride joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane to give his initial take on the Republican proposal to replace Obamacare. They talk a bit about the proposal, but more about where it needs to be instead of where it is. They also discuss a larger conversation about Republicans' lack of negotiating tactics when it comes to proposing and seeing through major change. 

After the healthcare discussion, and with March Madness in the air, the conversation moves to basketball. But, rather than talking about the tournament, they cover the state of college basketball in Louisiana. Namely, with such a wealth of high school talent in the state, why is college basketball so abysmal for Louisiana schools? More importantly, how can that be corrected?



the Red Bayou Show Episode 75

March 10, 2017

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk to Jay Connaughton from Innovative Politics. Jay was a media adviser on the Trump campaign and gave the guys his take on what shaped the Donald Trump story in the election. The guys then shift the conversation form the election narrative to the shaping the narrative moving forward. More specifically, they ask Jay about how the President can keep his head above water in the media to do the job of creating jobs while there are going to be countless attacks to distract, discredit, or take down his presidency.

After talking about President Trump, the guys turn the focus to upcoming statewide races. Jay gives his take on what will shape the narrative in the Legislative races, and shares some thoughts on the Treasurer’s race. Jay gets pretty deep in his analysis of the scene as a whole, and even delves into one of Haldane’s favorite topics… rewriting the state’s constitution!

Before they’re done, the guys had some fun talking about the overwhelmingly horrid decision by the New Orleans Zephyrs to change their name to the Babycakes. Jay had some incredible insight and stories to share about, not only what happened, but what is still happening in that ongoing saga.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 74

February 23, 2017

State Representative John Schroder joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane this week in the waning moments of the special session to talk about the deal on the table to plug the state's budget deficit. While the show was being recorded, Representative Schroder was still mulling how he was going to vote on the measure. Though the conversation started with the matter at hand, it turned quickly to the larger issue, which is making structural changes to the way Louisiana approaches its budget. Representative Schroder talked about the need to make a fundamental shift, more specifically, in making a commitment to tightening our belts, not budgeting to spend every projected dollar, and leaving the state some leeway to handle its business responsibly. One of the bigger topics of this episode is the use of the rainy day fund, and how it seems to be a perpetual crutch for lawmakers to lean on when it comes down to crunch time.

Since there were more pressing matters at hand, the guys didn't delve into Representative Schroder's campaign for State Treasurer. But, they did talk about what Schroder feels is important for the job. Representative Schroder said his time in the State Legislature and his relationships with other lawmakers will prove to be a huge asset when it comes to pushing a message of fiscal responsibility from the Treasurer's office.

Before bringing on this week's guest, Scott and Brian talk about how the future of Baton Rouge, and some of the players that are shaping the discussion around race and nothing else. In particular, the guys discuss Gary Chambers and his grievances over (of all things) Mardi Gras beads.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 73

February 7, 2017

Southern University Law Proffesor Michelle Ghetti joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane this week to talk about Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Ghetti takes the guys through the background of who Gorsuch is as a jurist and what the American people can expect from him should he be confirmed. She looks at previous cases he has handled, where his opinions have come down, and what leanings he has. 

They also take a deep dive into what kind of fight President Trump can expect when it comes to getting his nominee confirmed. THough Gorsuch is essentially filling Justice Antonin Scalia's seat, there is some bad blood that former President Obama didn't get his pick to be Scalia's successor. Ghetti gives her opinion on how much she thinks that will come into play in the coming months. She also sounds off on, not only whether or not there will be a filibuster to oppose Gorsuch, but what type of filibuster may be utilized.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 72

February 2, 2017

National Signing Day Special! This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane recap Ed Orgeron's first recruiting class as hea coach of the LSU Tigers. Scott and Brian talk to Chad Laborde from 104.5 ESPN Radio in Baton Rouge. They ask about the class as a whole, what positions were strong points, and what positions were lacking. The guys talk about the quarterback position and how this year has the potential to be the best quarterback class since Jamarcus Russell and Matt Flynn. Chad also talks about coaching moves that were made, and some that may still need to be made baased off of some recruits that got away. 

After talking with Chad, the guys welcome in Jacques Doucet from WAFB channel 9. Jacques takes a closer look at the defensive line, and what effects competing D-Line coaches have in recruiting that position. Jacques also talks about in-state recruiting and how it has evolved over the years.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 71

January 24, 2017

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk all things Trump. They start off with the inauguration itself and head up to Washington DC to talk with Mike Bayham. Mike was at the inauguration and happened upon the weekend's women's march. He gives a first hand account of what he saw while he was there. Bayham talks about the pusle of the crown, the make0up of the crowd, and how President Trump's inauguration compares to others in the past. He even recounts a story of a few protestors trying to take a seemingly impossible selfie.


After their conversation with Bayham, Scott and Brian switch gears and talk with State Senator Conrad Appel about what the Trump effect will be in Louisiana. They ask specifically about the withdrawal from the TPP, the appointment of Rex Tillerson, and the appointment of Betsy Devos. Before the conversation turns to President Trump, the guys get a little feedback on what's to come in the near future from the State Legislature. Is another special session on the horizon (spoiler alert: it probably is) andhat can we expect from that special session should it be called? 


the Red Bayou Show Episode 70

January 19, 2017

Scott McKay and Brian Haldane start the year off talking about LSU basketball. What needs to be done to get the program back on track? Should Johnny Jones even get to finish out the season? 

The guys talk about the pitfalls of making a change now versus after the season is over. They also talk about who they think would make for a good hire. The conversation also turns to a larger topic of, "why doesn't LSU demand excellence from every team within the athletic program?" With such a large and lucrative department, Scott and Brian ask why a top sport like men's basketball can be allowed to fall into such disrepair.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 69

December 20, 2016

This week the guys go inside the number of the 2016 elections with pollster John Couvillon from JMC enterprises. John talks about how the trends played out leading up to and through election day. The guys talk about everything from the Presidential race down to the Mayor's race in Baton Rouge.

One of the particular points of interest for John in these races was the timing of the negative ads. What John was able to see in the numbers from both the Mayor's race and the 3rd Congressional District race was that going negative late doesn't carry the same punch that it once did. Between early voting, election fatigue, and people just shutting down once they have made up their minds, the negativity had little impact on the outcome.



the Red Bayou Show Episode 68

December 7, 2016

It's runoff week, so Scott McKay and Brian Haldane are talking elections. Of particular interest to them is the race in Louisiana's third Congressional District where Scott Angelle is in a very tight race with Clay Higgins. Scott and Brian talk to Chris Comeaux from the Higgins campaign and Ryan Cross from Angelle's. They ask both about different aspects of the race, about their candidates, and about what they feel they can do for Louisiana. The conversation almost instantly turns to involve the effect that Donald trump has had on this race, and what effect he has had on politics in general. both Comeaux and Cross feel that their candidate can relate to the sentiment that is "The Trump Effect." Scott and Brian also ask about how this race has gotten much more intense in the closing week with attack ads and a satirical piece about Higgins. both guys explain the reaction from their respective camps.

Before the interviews, in a rather humorous segment, Scott and Brian get repeatedly interrupted by robo-calls as they talk about how robo-calls are annoying.

After Comeaux and Cross, Scott and Brian talk about the Mayor's race in Baton Rouge.