the Red Bayou Show Episode 67

December 1, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk with Charles Hanagriff from 104.5 ESPN Radio in Bton Rouge about the hiring of Ed Orgeron. The conversation starts on Coach O's qualifications, then quickly turns to a much larger discussion of the process that led us to Orgeron. More specifically, how did so many qualified candidates fall to the wayside so quickly. Also included in that conversation is how the process for hiring Orgeron compared to the process for finding a new coach when Dinardo was let go in 1999. In all, a lot of the discussion revolves around how much falls at the feet of the Athletic Director.

The guys also discuss what Orgeron needs to do and who he needs to surround himself with in order to be successful. 


the Red Bayou Show Episode 66

November 17, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk about Donald Trump and LSU football. What canAmerica expect from the President-elect immediately after inauguration, what should his priorities be, what is he most likely to accomplish? They also talk about how he won the election in the first place. While both own up to being wrong on their predictions, they talk about the sentiment behind what motivated voters. Stemming from that, the guys talk about race in America, and where that conversation is headed in the future. More specifically, are things going to get better, stay the way they are, or get worse?

Shifting gears, Scott and Brian give their takes on the LSU Football head coaching search. Both guys breakdown what the path to Fisher and the path to Orgeron are. They talk about how the schedule has played out and how that has adversely affected Orgeron's chances. Plus, they give their picks as to who they think will land the job.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 65

November 7, 2016

Political Consultant Jason Hebert of The Political Firm joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane for their election week edition of the Red Bayou Show. The guys start by talking about the Presidential race, and evaluating Donald Trump's chances against Hillary Clinton. They also explore what the "Trump effect" is having on the Republican Party. How is the party evolving? What will the base of the party look like five to ten years from now. 

Jason, Scott, and Brian break down the Senate race and who they think will make the run-off. Will Louisiana be looking at a Republican versus Republican in December? And if so, what does that mean for Democrats that are further down the ballot? They look at the Congressional races in both the third and fourth districts, and break down the EBR Mayor's race.

They also talk about how, in Louisiana, we are at the end of what has basically amounted to an election cycle that has been non-stop for the last three years, and what effects that sort of fatigue has on voters. 

Before closing up shop for Election Day, they talk a little football as well. More specifically, where does LSU's coaching search stand? Following the loss to Alabama, is the job still Orgeron's for the taking? If not, what does he need to do to make it his?

the Red Bayou Show Episode 64

November 2, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane dive into the latest round of Hillary Clinton's email scandal. They talk about what we currently know, and what is likely still to come. They dive into what some of the legal and historical ramifications of the entire situation might be, and also ask the big question... Will this even matter on election day? 

Before talking about the email scandal, the guys take a minute to cover some possibilities in the Senate race, and how those possibilities can play a role in the Baton Rouge Mayor's race as well.

At the end of the show, they break down the upcoming LSU versus Alabama game. Brian explains why he doesn't view LSU as an underdog this year.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 63

October 19, 2016

State Representative Mike Johnson joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane this week to talk about the growing battle between Governor John Bel Edwards and Attorney General Jeff Landry. At the heart of the issue is the Governor suing the Attorney General over a refusal to sign off on state contracts. The back and forth in the battle has been framed around Landry being accused of taking an anti-LGBT stance, but what Representative Johnson explains is that Landry's stance is more about upholding the state's Constitution and the separation of powers. Johnson talks about why he decided to get involved by writing a letter to the Governor, and what is behind his stance.

Scott and Brian also ask Johnson about his run for Louisiana's Fourth Congressional District seat. 

After the interview, Scott and Brian discuss the Senate race as well. How are things shaping up? What can we expect in terms of a run-off? Are we any closer to being able to predict how this thing will play out?

the Red Bayou Show Episode 62

October 11, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk about the Presidential race with Pollster and Political Consultant, Rick Shaftan. Rick talks about the state of the Trump campaign with four weeks to go until election day. He talks in particular about where he feels Trump is going wrong in this campaign, namely that he isn't talking policy and is only talking Clinton. Shaftan talks about last sunday's debate, and about the leaked audio from Access Hollywood. Scott asks Rick what advice he would offer Trump if her were consulting on the campaign, and Brian asks what this election will mean for future "outsiders" running for office.

After their interview with Shaftan, the guys look at the LSU versus Florida debacle and speculate about whether or not the game will be played, and if so, when.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 61

October 6, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane run through a number of topics. They start by talking LSU football. Each give their breakdown of game 1 of the Ed Orgeron era. They talk about how little changes made a huge difference. Scott and Brian also evaluate where this LSU football team is in terms of potential. Can the Tigers actually be in the hunt for a meaningful season. Brian gives his take on the Les Miles firing from the perspective of someone who didn't think they should've let him go mid-season. 

The guys also talk some Saints football, and address this question: how can the Saints get out of the rut of being a potentially "good" team in order to get back to being a Super Bowl contender.

Once they moved on from football, the guys talked about John Bel Edwards' Cuba trip. Is anything good going to come from it? Scott poses a very interesting question by asking, should the Governor be making deals with Cuba right now, or should he be home while flood recovery is ongoing?

They also talk about the Senate race as poll numbers are showing that with a month to go, it is a 5 way toss up.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 60

September 21, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk to Author Ethan Brown about his new book, Murder In The Bayou. Brown discusses what went into writing the book and what his investigation discovered. He talks about the 8 prostitutes known as the "Jeff Davis 8," and what he thinks happened. Brown also talks about how his investigation crossed over into the world of politics when Charles Boustany and his former employee Martin Guillory's names came up. 

Scott and Brian ask Brown about the reaction to the book both personally and professionally. What accusations have been thrown at Brown as a result of the book? How are the people of Jennings responding to the story being put on such a large stage? etc.

Since Murder In The Bayou is not Brown's first dive into true crime in Louisiana, they also talk a little about Shake The Devil Off, a book Brown wrote about a gruesome murder/suicide in post Katrina New Orleans.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 59

September 15, 2016

This week Scott McKay and Brian Haldane dive into a "Grab Bag" show. They talk about numerous topics including, the DKE's at LSU are catching heat again because of their game day signs. Apparently, last week's sign making fun of Colin Kaepernick offended someone who interns at the Governor's office. 

The guys talk to Melissa Landry, Executive Director of the watchdog group Louisiana Lawsuit Abuse Watch, about coastal lawsuits. Landry discusses some of the questionable choices the Governor has made in appointing attorneys to handle the suits. She explains the connections those attorneys have to John Bel Edwards, and why those connections raise ethical concerns.

After speaking with Melissa, they talk about the bubbling potential scandal in the Senate race. The story starts with a new book titled Murder In The Bayou. It's about the disappearance and murder of eight prostitutes in Southwest Louisiana between 2005 and 2009. In the book, author Ethan Brown finds a connection that brings Congressman Charles Boustany into the fray. Boustany said one of his opponents, State Treasurer John Kennedy was behind the accusations. Kennedy returned volley with a press release, which Scott reads verbatim on the show, that is being called, "the burn of the election cycle."

And of course, the guys weren't going to let the week slide by without mention of Hillary Clinton's medical episode from the weekend. Basically, both Scott and Brian say they don't believe an ounce of what's coming from her camp in regards to their explanations. 

Before the show closes out, the guys discuss the change at quarterback for LSU, and will Danny Etling see success in the weeks to come

the Red Bayou Show Episode 58

September 7, 2016

Is it time to fire Les Miles? Should LSU wait until the end of the season, or get things moving right now? 

Following LSU's performance at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, a large and ever growing contingent of Tiger fans have said enough is enough with Coach Miles and his unimaginative, outdated offense that he stubbornly refuses to change. This, in spite of promises to do so at the end of the 2015 season.

Charles Hanagriff of Sports Today on 104.5 ESPN radio and Ron Higgins of the Times Picayune and are both on board with the idea that Miles' time has run out in Baton Rouge. In fact, Hanagriff is the first one saying that LSU should consider dismissing him midseason. Both Hanagriff and Higgins joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane on this week's episode of the Red Bayou Show.