the Red Bayou Show Episode 57

August 31, 2016

Former LSU Football player and current co-host of Double Coverage on WWL 870AM, T-Bob Hebert joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane this week to talk about the upcoming LSU football season. T-Bob talked about the level of expectation for this team. He talked about the amount of experience there is on the roster and why that experience is so valuable. He talked about new Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda and makes a Breaking Bad comparison that can't be missed and, once heard, will never be forgotten. The guys also ask T-Bob about the offense and what to expect from the line, from Brandon Harris, and from Leonard Fournette. 

T-bob mentions the amount of LSU talent in the NFL and can't understand why none of that talent plays for the Saints. After the interview, Scott and Brian go a little deeper into that topic, speculating on why that is the case, who is to blame, and if it's even possible that it can continue.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 56

August 24, 2016

This week, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane talk with Executive Director of Celtic Studios, Patrick Mulhearn. Patrick tells the story from start to finish of how the movie studios he runs turned into an evacuation shelter for upwards of 4000 people seeking refuge from the flood. He talks about the response by the Governor, by Lieutenant General Russel Honore, and most importantly, by the people of Baton Rouge. He talks about the challenges they faced along the way, how they overcame them, and basically, how a bunch of motivated, caring people can make something amazing happen.

After the interview, Scott and Brian break down who they feel were the winners and losers of the last few weeks. Who stepped up and rose to the occasion and who left a lot to be desired.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 55

August 10, 2016

Scott McKay is out this week, but Brian Haldane sits down with Metro Councilman John Delgado to talk about running for Mayor. The bulk of the conversation is on economic development and Councilman Delgado's vision for Baton Rouge. Brian asks John to "armchair quarterback" Mayor Holden's performance in a number of different areas that are of vital importance to the city. They talk about crime, education, and go into how the Mayor handled the Alton Sterling shooting.

Brian also asks Delgado about his battle ahead in the race. Namely, how does he "reconcile with the people he has pissed off?" Councilman Delgado has grown a reputation of saying some bombastic things, and Haldane asks him point blank how he plans to go back and ask for the votes of people he has called "The Baton Rouge Taliban."

They also talk a little campaign strategy, and dive into who Councilman Delgado feels is his main competition.

State Treasurer John Kennedy on Talk 107.3fm

August 7, 2016

Filling in for Clarence Buggs last week, I had the opportunity to talk with State Treasurer and Senate candidate John Kennedy. He talks about being the front runner in the race, a few endorsements he has picked up from former Louisiana Governors, and about how to run in a field of more than 20 candidates (when seemingly everyone calls themselves an "outsider").


Yuengling is here!

August 4, 2016

It's official! The beloved beer from America's oldest brewer is now available in Louisiana. I had the chance to talk with Jay Ducote from about it.

While I had Jay on, I had to ask him about the status of his Show Deep Fried America on the travel Channel

Wade Petite

August 4, 2016

I filled in for Clarence Buggs Tuesday and Wednesday this week on Talk 107.3fm. One of the guests I got to talk to was Wade Petite from Wade posted the story about Ascension Parish President Kenny Matassa and the alleged bribery scandal. It was a very illuminating conversation about some very serious charges. The interview is well worth a listen. Here's his story.


the Red Bayou Show Episode 54

August 3, 2016

Charles Hanagriff from 104.5 ESPN radio joins Scott McKay and Brian Haldane this week to preview LSU football for the 2016 season. The guys talk about the level of expectation for this team, what the addition of Defensive Coordinator Dave Aranda means for the defense, and how the schedule breaks down in LSU's favor.

They look at just about every position on the field on both sides of the football, and what number of wins the team will need to cement Les Miles' future in Baton Rouge.

Also, Charles inadvertently gives what might be the best #NeverTrump argument ever. 

the Red Bayou Show Episode 53

July 19, 2016

EBR Metro Councilman Ryan Heck joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane to talk about Sunday's shooting in Baton Rouge that killed 2 BRPD officers,1 EBRSO Deputy, and left 3 others injured. The shooting took place in Councilman Heck's district, and he was in the Mayor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness as events of the day transpired. Heck talked about the early speculation that ran rampant, and quickly traveled around the world. He talked about working in his remaining days as a Councilman to establish a better form of communication to his constituents in a crisis situation.

The guys also talked about how Baton Rouge has come together in the weeks following Alton Sterling's death, and how, once again, the unrest that led to tragedy came from someone from outside the community. Heck praised a number of his colleagues, and law enforcement for the job that they did, and continue to do. 
The conversation then shifted to the term "radicalization" in all its forms. Councilman heck asked Scott and Brian for their take on the root causes of radicalization. Just like last week, the guys talked about the problem of "policing for profit" and its negative effects on the African American community. They also talked about what the city can to do both increase the pay for its police officers, and beef up the number of officers on the force. Councilman Heck also said he is taking particular interest in looking at community policing as a way to have better relationships on the ground between the police force and the citizenry.
Before they let the Councilman go, Scott and Brian asked Heck why he is not seeking reelection.

the Red Bayou Show Episode 52

July 14, 2016

This week, Talk 107.3's Kevin Gallagher joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane to talk about Baton Rouge in the wake of Alton Sterling's death. How has Baton Rouge handled the fallout from the shooting versus how much influence have out of town protesters had over the events? They talk about police response, not just use in terms of use of force in controlling the protests, but Kevin gives an in-depth analysis of the handling the message as well. They evaluate and grade the performance of leadership on every level from local to state to national. 

They also talk about policing for profit, and the negative affects it has on the less affluent members of society, leaving many with bench warrants that stem from something as simple as a ticket they couldn't afford to pay.

Brian asks Kevin about the response he has gotten from both the radio audience as well as law enforcement in the last two weeks. What are people saying, and how are authorities reacting? 

the Red Bayou Show Episode 51

July 6, 2016

This week, Senatorial Candidate Abhay Patel joined Scott McKay and Brian Haldane to talk about his candidacy. Abhay shares a little about his background before getting into why he is running. With experience in economic development, fiscal matters take a top priority with Mr. Patel. He talks about going to Washington to combat the assumption that all problems can or should be solved through government spending. 

He also talks about foreign policy and mentions specifically developing strategic relationships on the other side of the world; namely with India. He couples that with securing the borders to help solve immigration problems.
Scott and Brian drag Abhay into talking about the Hillary Clinton email scandal and the FBI's recommendation against prosecution.